TrapGAD - PHD Syndrome ( Pull Him Down Syndrome ) ( Danny Tracks ) ( Audio Visuals ) - Listen/Watch

Full Lyrics By : TrapGAD
Beat By : Danny Tracks
Mixed By : GadZone RecordZ
Visualization By : GadZ Media ENT.
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Philippians 4:13 KJV
I can do all things through Yeshua whom give I strength Iternal. 

Dem cyaan never mek mi stall. Cyaan never see mi fall. Yeah! Jah is my guider and my protector. Mi nuh fear non' boyah. 

1st Verse

Hotter fire burn dem and burn dem all again. Straight mi go, mi never curve and never bend. Nuff ah demma hypocrite and badmind friend. Pure fire mi ah burn dem to di end. 

Oh Jah I see dem coming at me with dem dutty heart. None a dem cyaan build up all the things weh mi did start. Dem just wan come pull it apart. Think seh dem smart. But Dem never, dem never smart at all.

Tell dem 

TrapGAD too blessed to be stress. Style tougher than steel ah mi dem cyaan test. All di evil demma plan manna careless. Leave them distressed. 

PHD syndrome Dem have
Pull him down syndrome Dem have.
Dem wan pull me down but mi still ah rise higher.
Wan see mi dead now but Jah is my protector. 

PHD syndrome Dem have
Pull him down syndrome Dem have.
Dutty heart people fi tek a clean bath. Straight mi go yuh cyaan block my path.

Demma badmind ago kill dem
Demma badmind ago deal with Dem.
Demma badmind ago done dem fast fast. 

Badmind demma pree we ah leave it to dem, Adi style and paten weh ah gi dem problem. Anything Dem wan we ah go give it dem. Cyaan cool cyaan done. 
Badda than dem lyrically inclined. Touchi street so fresh dem cyaan block my grind. Mi have di Melody to mek di gyalem whine, cyaan stop my shine.