Elephant Man Style Beenie Man In Fire New Diss Track – Listen

Beenie Man and Elephant Man
Elephant Man claps back at Beenie Man in a fire new diss track “Yuh Too Lie.”
Dancehall nice again. Elephant Man and Beenie Man beef is far from over. After the Doc drops a gritty diss track “Don’t Say Nuttin,” Ele took a brief break due to the passing of his mother. It seems the Energy God was quietly working on his response while also mourning his mom because he returned to the airwaves with a fiery new track and another one is on the way.
In the single “Yuh Too Lie,” Elephant Man responds to Beenie Man diss about his house having the same color as his hairstyle. “Yuh say me house favor the color of my hair but me a the owner, Why them fling you out a the apartment up a Mona, Say money stock and pile when that is just a lie, Yo don’t even rich like Donia,” Elephant spits.
Ele even styled Beenie Man calling him the self-proclaim king of dancehall who is on a poster wearing a frock. Elephant Man is also teasing another single titled “Money Can Buy.”