DJ Khaled One Step Closer To Buying Jamaican Villa From Butch Stewart

DJ Khaled pic
DJ Khaled has gotten the go-ahead from Butch Steward to buy the villa he is staying.
On Monday, DJ Khaled expressed his interest in buying a multimillion-dollar property he is staying at in Jamaica. In a video clip posted on his social media pages, you can see the producer/DJ telling his people to get the owner of the property on the phone so that he can buy it. He specifically said that he told his people to get him the biggest house in Jamaica and they did.
It turns out that the beachfront villa is owned by famous Jamaican businessman, Butch Stewart, who said that he would sell the We The Best Music Group chief the house.
“DJ Khaled, Butch Stewart here of Sandals Records, they don’t want me to sell you the house, but I’m going to sell you the house… Another one!,” Butch Stewart son, Adam Stewart, wrote on Instagram in the caption of the video.
It seems DJ Khaled was so impressed by the size and beauty of the villa that he instantly want to own it to make Jamaica his second home.